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    hello, I am new here and i have a question about modding.

    I am thinking of buying a recharged refurbished psp phat and i was wondering if it would still be hack-able?

    Also, I do have a modded psp 2000(slim, Vader model lol) and the screen got busted and and figured i buy psp 1000
    and i was wanting to ask if it would be possible to use the battery from my slim to mod the psp phat? I remember from somewhere that you can do this but i dunno,so i figured i would ask here since everyone seems knowledgeable bout this stuff.

    my slim's CFW: 5.50 PROM

    also a question about 6.60ME-1.6 (OFW Version), if i decided to go with CFW,would the ISOs i had played via 5.50 PROM still work?
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    you cannot use a slim pandora battery as a pandora battery for the phat. However if it is a normal slim battery(without a cut) then it can be made into a pandora battery for phat. But then again there is no need for a pandora battery to mod your psp now.only in the most unlikely cases you need one. It all depends on the phat which you buy and which firmwae it comes with. The isos should work on ME when you upgrade from 5.50 prom
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