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    Greetings fellow PSP enthusiasts !
    Just joined the community and, as some of you may guess, I am a rather new to PSP hacking.
    I am the proud owner of a PSP slim and after a little digging around I also found out that it's a 2003 model and has a TA-088v3 Motherboard.
    Now my problem...
    My PSP has been hacked once by someone for me and unfortunately I can't call on the same person to update my firmware. I am rather hesitant to do it myself without knowing what I must do exactly.
    My firmware atm is 5.03, also I had to enter the Photo menu and activate 5.03 ChickHen R2 and then some other thingy in the game menu and that allowed me to play games.
    I would appreciate if somebody could find the time and help me out. I want to update to the latest/best firmware so that I may play some of the newer games.
    If I update can I just enter games from the menu or do I have to use the ISO thingy ( I don't know how to use that nor do I have the software...) ?
    Will updating my firmware be a problem when running older games?
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    welcome here lad! i will come answer your questions later!
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    Much appreciated !
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