I'm new to this. i'm trying to use this youtube tutorail, which got good reviews: How to play free ISO/CSO games on PSP 3000 HD - YouTube

I'm also copying the 'checklist' in the video details for added helpfull-ness LOL

1. Download the files you need:
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2. Check if you have Sony's Firmware 5.03
3. Connect your PSP to the computer.
4. If you don't have Sony's Firmware 5.03 copy copy the UPDATE folder (you've downloaded) to the GAME folder of your PSP.
5. Run the ChickHEN easy installer program you've downloaded and install ChickHEN.
6. Cut or delete the SYSTEM folder of your PSP (you can restore it later)
7. Copy CFW Enabler to the GAME folder of your PSP
8. If you don't have Sony's Firmware 5.03 go to game and install it.
9. Now restore the default settings of your PSP
10. Go to Photo and open the folder ChickHEN
Check if your firmware it must be 5.03 ChickHEN R2, if it don't, format your memory stick with your PSP and go back to step one.
11. Go to Game and open CFW Enabler 3.50.
12. Press Flash and Start.
13. Press select in the XMB (Top menu of the PSP)
14. Set the UMD ISO Mode to M33 Driver
15. Download a CSO or ISO PSP game and put it in the ISO folder in the Root of your memory
16. Play Games for Free!!!

I got through every step without a hitch untill i tried to install Sony's Firmware 5.03. Then i got this:


WTH do i do now?!?! LOL. i've jailbroken my ipod touch, and i'm seeing some similarities in the process. Are they similar??? Also, what can i do to fix this? I'll be online all night, so if anyone needs more info to help me, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm very interested in this!!!

Lastly, i have a few questions after i get this done:

1. I saw that there was a section for emulators... is there an emulator for Super Nintendo??? I'd LOVE to play either the SNES or GENESIS version of ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS!!!

2. Have they made a PSP version of Final Fantasy VIII? I would love to find that if it's aviable to downlaod as an ISO!

Thanks to anyone who can help me out, i am truly grateful! I am new to this. Also, i am autistic, so if i don't understand something, i'm really sorry! thanks, and God Bless