Thread: do u have to make a mms for a 1001 psp to install 6.60 lCFW?

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  1. #1 do u have to make a mms for a 1001 psp to install 6.60 lCFW? 
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    if so can someone provide me with links to do so
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    nope, all you have to do now is download a cfw installer to your memory stick and run it, this was accomplished thanks to the cracking of the Sony Master key.

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    yes u don't need mms and here is the link on how to update ur psp
    UPDATING PSP 1001 FAT TO CFW 6.60 PRO B 10 FROM OFW 6.60.wmv - YouTube

    also here is a link to download the 6.60 cfw
    PSP Custom Firmware 6.60 ME v1 Released | PSP-Hacks: Hack your PlayStation Portable

    but let me warn u a lot of games on ur psp 1001 won't work with this fw
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