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    I used to have it modded back in '06 or so then stopped using my psp. I recently purchased a more recent game and used the recovery tool on the homebrew I had so I could update it to 6.20. Been searching around the web for the past few hours just finding dead links and tutorials which don't work.

    I have 2.81 installed presently and get error DRNFFFFFFD7 when I try to update it to 6.20. I'm aware that a key cleaner would likely fix this, but as I no longer have any ability to run it, this wont work.

    Any suggestions or direction would be very appreciated. Or even an active link to a 3.1 or less down grader...I can figure out the rest from there.

    I'm also not really interested in pandora'ing my battery and can provide any other information you all need to help me out.

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    well if your getting an error updating you might need an idstorage fix so you would need a pandora and magic memory stick to preform it
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    Ok I'll look into getting a pandora'd battery, my soldering skills have waned over the years.

    Any other suggestions before I order a battery?
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    Do you have a friend that has a hacked PSP?
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