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    Hello friends, i haven't been active for a long time. Pretty much in a nutshell, i have my main psp, which is fully up to date on CFW, and my 2nd psp which is very behind. My main psp is experiencing charging issues, so i need to update the CFW on my 2nd psp. Its a 1000 model, and curretny has CFW - 5.0MM-6. What would be the steps to updating it to most up to date CFW. Can i just download the newest update and install? Do i have to go threw all of the pervious versions before i can get to the newest update? My 2nd psp has CFW 6.39 ME-9.6. That is all i need on my 2nd psp. Nothing More. So i guess my main question is - "Can you go from 5.0MM-6 directly to 6.39 ME-9.6?? If Not, what are the essential steps inbetween. Thank you for your time.
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    If your on m33-6, go into recovery and disable the "Use network update" feature and then after thats done, update to 6.60 OFW. After your on 6.60, use this6.60ME-1.8 (OFW Version) - Downloads - - PSP Forum, Hack PSP, PSV Hacks, PS Vita Hack, PSVita to update to 6.60ME-1.8
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