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    Well, since I got my PSP, I've been reading on the internet for a while. And managed to Set a custom firmware on my PSP. Now, I really found these hacks and information cool, and want to LEARN further. Now, I'm not requesting a spoon feeding. I've reading a lotta articles, and I'm still confused. If anyone here clears my Confusions, I'd be really helpful. Please try to explain here instead giving me links, that may still confuse me.

    HBL says it helps loading homebrews on PSP but no Kernel Access.
    HEN loads homebrews and have kernel access, and for that, it is able to fully unlock the machine.
    CFW flashes the memory during the boot.
    LCFW writes the RAM after boot.

    Now, I've installed 6.35 PRO-B9 on my PSP. I need to run the fast recovery everytime i turn off. So, it's sorta LCFW?
    Before using PRO, I was using the Minna No Sukiri exploit. When I used minna no sukiri the OFW used to change from 6.31 to 6.31 PRO. Was it a CFW or LCFW? Or neither LCFW nor CFW, just a OFW with HEN or HBL?

    PRO-B9 allows user to use plugins. Now, does it have internal HEN or HBL to run Homebrews? If not then how does it loads homebrews?

    I'm really confused. I really want to have a good understanding about these things. Though now Vita is out for a while.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Have you messed with the current firmware any? I suppose you could always use a downgrader if your had to go back down. I am currently running 6.60ME 1.8, it is a permanent patch, if you want the loadable one just get it instead. I am really having no problems with the firmware and enjoying my PSP with games and updated CTF themes.
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