Thread: Help with FF Duodecim DLC pack, and advice for a new cfw?

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  1. #1 Help with FF Duodecim DLC pack, and advice for a new cfw? 
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    Hey guys, I've been using my slim modded for a few years now. Like many others, the last time I updated my firmware was to upgrade to 5.00 M33-6.

    This has caused problems with a few new releases in the past couple years, but nothing that I haven't been able to fix with help from online guides. I recently downloaded the DLC pack for Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim, but haven't been able to get it working on my custom firmware. A guide seemed to get me very close to it working, but eventually fell short

    So I have two questions:

    1) Does anyone have experience getting this DLC pack to work on the 5.00 m33-6 firmware?

    2) I finally want to upgrade my custom firmware, but I can't find any useful information on what I should upgrade to, or how I should do so. Does anyone have experience with this, either?

    Alternatively, if anyone has suggestions on a different way to my goal, please let me know!
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    Thanks for the suggestion Guapo, I spent quite a bit of time getting that to work. Afterwards I followed the guide for the DLC again, and it's finally functional!

    As an aside, my save data was corrupted, and that required a bit of research as well (I ran into this when I upgraded from pre 5.00 to 5.00, but didn't know if there was a fix at the time). Since I have massive saves for Duodecim and Birth By Sleep, I didn't want to lose over a hundred hours of play again. Only the saves from Square games seemed to corrupt, by the way.

    You can fix these by getting Magic Save 3.62a (I found that plugin in another one of your posts!), but if you're using 6.60 CFW of any kind, you MUST use the latest version of the plugin or it will not work.

    Also, common error when upgrading to OFW of any kind, is that you need to rename the file to EBOOT.PBP in the /GAME/UPDATE directory, instead of whatever it was like 660.pbp or 530.pbp.

    Just listing all this information in case it helps anyone else that runs into this problem!
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