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    Hi guys. I haven't done any modding yet. I'm still in the research phase.

    Question: I've seen guides purporting to have easy ways of installing chickhen without the need for a pandora batter or MMS. So my question is, why do people still use them? Is there a downside to going the no-pandora route?

    And just FYI, I have a Daxter Pack PSP 2000 slim with OFW 3.80
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    Jeez, why do I even post here? Both my questions viewed by 50+ people and nobody can give me a hint.

    Ok, how bout this: first person to give me a legitimate answer about this or my other question gets two bucks in their paypal. Seriously.
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    Pandora Batteries are mainly used for unbricking now, and you don't need them for installing custom firmware. I'm not too familiar with 2k's, but it appears that your's is fully hackable, from this source: How to: Determine whether or not your PSP is hackable

    I would recommend updating to 6.60 and installing either PRO ( procfw - X-Generation Aftermarket Firmware for Playstation Portable ) or (L)ME (ME: 6.60ME-1.8 (OFW Version) - Downloads - - PSP / PS Vita Forums LME: 6.60LME-1.8 - Downloads - - PSP / PS Vita Forums )
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