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    Hello everyone so i just started learning about modded psp's and learning what they can do.... and it looks awesome. So i started looking around to see how to hack mine, problem is most of the guides are unclear or outdated with old links so i was wondering if someone could help me get my psp hacked. Now i dont have a pandora battery, or a magic memory stick. I have a Sandisk Pro Duo 1GB stick(no modification have been done just saved games are on it is all). Now i plan to buy bigger stick once i hack my psp so i can fit more stuff on it . So i was wondering if upgrading my memory stick would have a bad effect later or should i order the memory stick and then hack it? Also to be clear this hack will allow me to play iso's on my PSP?
    ---Software Version 6.31---
    ---PSP Model 1001---
    Thanks for the help
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    i got u covered pm

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