Thread: Downgrade 5.00 m33-6 to 5.00 m33-3.

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  1. #1 Downgrade 5.00 m33-6 to 5.00 m33-3. 
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    I'm trying to downgrade m33-6 to m33-3 in order to play Mortal Kombat Trilogy. I read somewhere that yuo can downgrade using hellcat's recovery flasher but I'd like to know the process fro doing so. I've already downgraded my psp once with hellcat's so I know the general method to downgrade but I need to know if I need a certain file or anything to downgrade from 5.00 m33-36 to 5.00 m33-3.
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    5.00m33 is the same no matter if its m33-m33-6
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    Ok then can you help me with getting Mortal Kombat Trilogy to run correctly? As of now even on the 3.71 pop it gets so far as the start of the match and loads only the background and music with no characters or lifebars.

    Also I understand that they may be the same but I just wanted to dowgrade due to everyone online (I've been searching through google for a good hour or so) seems to think the game runs best at 5.00 m33-3 on 3.71 pops. However if they are indeed the same (not doubting what you are saying) can you please help me with running Trilogy on 5.00 m33-6 as I said above I've tried running it on 3.71 pops with popsloader but it will only load background and background music (no characters or lifebars) when I try to start a match. If you or anyone else can offer any assistance I'd be very greatful as all I'm trying to do is play MK Trilogy on my psp.
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