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    hi, i am new to psp mods and i currently have a psp 3000 with version 6.31 on it and was wondering if this can be modded if so can you please explain how it is done.

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    update to 6.60 ofw then either use 6.60 LMEv1.8 or 6.60 pro c there both ment for your version of the psp since it cant be fully hacked these are temphacs so if you were to ever fully shut down the psp you would run the recovery app that comes with it both the LCFW canbe found in our download section and they come with readme's for simple install
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    you can install permanent cfw on SOME 3000 models however it is risky and if you are to take the risk I'd highly recommend you do install it, its called the CIPL flasher and I think it is only supported in the pro b versions (maybe c)
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