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    hi thanks el guapo i did exactly what u said in a thread i read and now my psp can play backups iso lol thank you plus i bought this psp yesterday and i tried everything and nothing worked till i saw your topic and i try to hack it like 12 times installing w.e the program call to hack the psp and it never got brick.

    Edit: i try to hacked it 12 times and didn't work but is because i saw some other thread on another website not here but when i tried your method it works the only thing is that the update didn;t work it did not want to update to 6.60 so i had to look for it on google here is the link:for the update if any1 didn't work eather here is the link for the 6.60 update

    then install the other stuff i read in the topic to hack ur psp 1000 cuz mine is 1001 and i hacked it already
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