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    Hi I have found my psp I haven't used for years and I have been trying to update the software.

    I have a psp-1000 with version 2.60! What update can I update it to? I tried to download the 6.60 via media go but it says I haven't enough memory. (I have only a 32mb stick)


    i have been trying to connect to my wlan on infrastructure mode. i have a been trying to connect to my bt home hub WPA-psk (tkip) but when I put in the WPA key in and test connection it says connection error has occurred, the key information exchange timed out!

    How to rectify this?

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    2.60 is really old! that is why you got the wifi error, ever since 1.50 and 6.60 the only features that have been added were bug fixes, speed improvements, stabilty, and a little new feature now and again, you really do need to update, back up all your data on your computer, format the memory stick, and try to do the update again using this method:
    PSP® PC Update | System Updates | Support -
    you do however need a USB for this, it only requires 28mb free space, after completing delete the update and put the original files back on,
    (hacks for psp have evolved A LOT since 2.60, have a look at installing PRO cfw on your psp if you want)
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