Thread: Where can I find a GOOD n64 emulator? Daedlus is terrible.

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  1. #1 Where can I find a GOOD n64 emulator? Daedlus is terrible. 
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    Title says it all. Daedlus can't read anything, it can only load like 10 games well. I can't find a successful one. I have been looking forever. Everyone says Daedlus, though.
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    it's because it depends on your cfw, i was with 6.60 pro b9 and the emulator was really dodgy, i downgraded to 6.20 pro-c nightly and it works perfect, are you with some old cfw? don't update to the latest 6.60 but try 6.20 and lower and I recommend 6.20 pro b10 or C nightly OR 5.50 GEN D-3 (old but really good)
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    no matter what cfw you have the n64 emulator will not work well.its been the most unsuccessful can run some games but never 100 percent.imho it isnt worth it.its better to get project64 for pc and get fusa sd that turns your psp into a pc game controller
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    I believe Mario 64 is the only game that runs properly.
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