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    Hi guys, i would just like to ask, is it possible to update my PSP 2003 system software version 3.71 to 6.60 Pro B10? if YES, what are the procedures to do it?! thanks guys and God Bless!
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    have you got internet on your PSP?
    if yes, go to settings > system update > via internet
    if you don't, the you have to do it by computer, follow this link:
    PSP® PC Update | System Updates | Support -

    when your PSP is running 6.60,
    download the file from here:
    660PRO-B10.fix1.rar - procfw - 6.60 PRO-B10.fix1 - X-Generation Aftermarket Firmware for Playstation Portable

    in the file, navigate to PSP/game, there will be 3 files there (proupdate, fast recovery, cipl_flasher), copy the 3 folders into your psp's game folder (ms0:/PSP/game/)
    go to the xmb > game > MS icon and launch pro update first, once that's complete, run cipl flasher (this makes the hack permanent, if you don't run it, your PSP will return to ofw if you reboot it, then you will have to run fast recovery to restore cfw)
    once it's compete you can delete those 3 files.
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