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    could you please help me how to hack a psp 3001e, i have no idea which cfw to download, version of psp is 6.60,please consider me as a noob..HELP!!!
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    Ok, look up 6.60 pro-b9
    Download, if it's a rar file, get 7-zip (its useful and free )
    Enter USB mode
    Move the recovery and update to
    Removable media--> psp --> game
    Now exit USB mode
    In the psp, go to game, memory stick, pro update
    Start it, wait for it to load, now press x, it's load some gibberish,
    And press x
    Your psp should restart, go to pro update again, and re-restart
    You can now play ISo/csos

    Note: do the "pro update" every time you turn your psp on, it should say "sprite detected" and restart

    And I know this looks like a lot, but it's not, just read it and you'll be happy you did
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