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    can a psp GO at 5.03 ofw be upgraded to 6.60?
    if yes,can i use the 6.60 ofw directly,or do i have to do it in steps,like some intermediate ofw and then 6.60?

    also,as i understand it,after i get to 6.60 ofw,it becomes crackable to this correct?or can it be cracked directly from 5.03 to some lower version cfw?

    please help

    thank you in advance
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    well you have your choice you can goto 6.20 ofw then run the 6.20 pro Lcfw wich has an perment patch for it or you can update to 6.60 and pro b10 or LME. they are temp hacks as the psp go is a unhackable motherboard if you do go with 6.60 just remember evertime you fully shut down the psp you will have to run the recovery app it comes with to get back to the LCFW
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