Thread: Hey all I nees help putting movies on my psp

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  1. #1 Hey all I nees help putting movies on my psp 
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    Anybody have any suggestions on how and what I need to download movies on to my psp? I'm running 6.60lme1-8 .I have tried putting the mpeg file onto the video and on the mp root folder.tells me the movie can't be opened or played what do I do ? Thanks for your time
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    there is an abundance of psp video converters that you can get for free, they will convert them to the proper file type and also if you select the option it will transfer it to the psp for you when it has finished converting. two converters that i can think of off hand that seem to be popular are psp video 9 and psp video converter. i have included a few links for you as well

    the first link is the one i have always used, i think it is the easiest one. open your file, select the size limit you want the file to be, the audio quality, video quality, if yo uwant it to transfer when complete, if you want it to save to a specified folder on your psp, then click start. really doesnt get any easier than that.
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    You could also use ultimate PSPtube
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    Thanks will try the psp downloader cool thanks again
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