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    So I recently purchased a PSP 1000. It's used, but in good condition. I've been looking around for methods on how to play roms and isos and such on a PSP and am already aware that I'd need custom firmware and I'm relatively sure I know how to do that. Before I do it though, I'd just like to know what the risks are as well as any disadvantaged and such this may cause me.
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    There are no real disadvantages. About the only risk would if your CFW (custom firmware) installation gets interrupted somehow and possbily the system gets partially 'bricked'. I have no experience with this and it's never happened to myself or anyone I've dealt with. Otherwise, CFW uses the same interface/XMB that the official Sony firmware uses - so the switch is pretty transparent. And updating to CFW these days is easy and pretty fool-proof. So no worries! Once you upgrade, you'll at least have the OPTION of putting on whatever homebrew applications you wish. Good luck citizen!
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