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    Ok guys so i have recently installed cfw thanks to the awesome dankgame And have come across an annoying problem
    I have to keep switching between games on my memory card because it is only 2 gb

    and my collection of games(legal backups) is in excess of 100 gb
    my girlfriend has an memory card that has two slots for micro sd cards so she has a total of 16 gb on her psp and refuses to see sense and let me have it

    lol OK so i have no idea if this is possible but is there any way of streaming games either direct from my hard drive on my pc (1tb)
    or via remote play on my ps3

    thanks guys i have cfw 6.60 minimum edition and a psp phat 1003
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    No, you know how the pc can't detect the psp after you exit USB mode?
    and how every time you launch something that wants wifi you have to reconnect? Dual MicroSD MicroSDHC to MS PRO DUO Adapter. Converts Two MicroSD or MicroSDHC Cards To MS PRO DUO: Computers & Accessories SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card with Adapter (SDSDQU-064G-AFFP-A): Electronics

    PRESUMING THE PSP SUPPORTS 128GB of awesomeness (dosent, u can be the first person to try though : reason:Sony only makes 32gb pro duos, there's no reason to support 64 or 128)
    PS micro SD HC have a max speed of 10mbps, presuming the adapter goes full speed on both cards, thats 20 Mbps max, whereas my pro hg duo hx goes 50mbps max

    Edit: I kinda want to ask Sony why they invented the XC format, which supports 2tb of memory (not even possiable, otherwise my laptop wouldn't be so fat
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    im pretty sure you cant use two 64gb sticks in the photofast with the psp. the highest i have seen is two 32gb sticks for a total of 64gb, but i suspect that was a faked video of it. the most that i know for a fact will work is two 16gb sticks for a total of 32gb (29gb useable space after formatting). you can get the combo on ebay for 24 bucks, comes with the adapter, two 16gb sandisk micro sd cards and a micro sd to usb adapter.
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