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    i have a psp 2000 that was on i think 5.50 gen i edited the flash0 file to make it version 5.50. went to install 6.60 me
    installer failed at 88% bricked. I pandoraed to 5.0 m33-4 went to install 6.60 same thing failed at 88%.
    Iis there anyway to flash the update its been a very long time but i ust to have this problem alot with this psp and i think it was hellcats or something like that and i could just flash the new cfw.
    im not doing anything wrong becaues i followed the same steps and updated my 1000 to me
    is it possible the eboots are bad
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    Try going back to 5.00m33, then update to 6.60 Official Sony Firmware. After your on 6.60, use this: 6.60ME-1.8 (OFW Version) - Downloads - - PSP / PS Vita Forums to install 6.60ME-1.8.

    Couple of things first though;

    1. Once your back on m33, remove your "Magic Memory Stick" and insert a regular memory stick.

    2 Format the regular memory stick with your PSP

    3. Update to 6.60 OFW

    4. Use link I provided and let me know the results
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    awesome thank you ok i will try im leaving my house now i should be back in a couple of hours will post when im done
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