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    Need Help Converting my save game of Final Fantasy Tactics EUR to US.

    I cant play my saved file of final fantasy tactics EUR on my PSVita because its US.

    Can someone convert for me? Thanks! i will post or send you my save file.

    Also i dont have a PSP anymore...
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    Wow dude, thats a good one. The game to which you are referring to is a PS1 game, correct??
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    It originally came out on PS1 but that would be a PAL format EBOOT. I'm almost 100% sure he's talking about the PSP remake, FFT: The War of the Lions

    One thing you can try...

    Find the SAVEDATA folder for FFT and rename it from ULESxxxxx (whatever numbers are there, I don't know the part number for the EUR version) to ULUS10297 (the US version of FFT for PSP). I don't suspect this will work but I guess it's worth a shot.
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    Yup its the remake. War of the Lions.

    I already changed the name of the folder to ULUS... doesnt work. haha.

    My only chance now is for someone to convert for me using the SGdeemer. Or borrow a PSP from someone and convert it myself. Hehe.
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