Thread: How do I play iso games on my psp 2003 running 6.39

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  1. #1 How do I play iso games on my psp 2003 running 6.39 
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    I am completely new and know hardly anything about the psp community for stuff like cfw's. I want to know how do I get my psp 2003 running 6.39 to play ISO games off the Internet. And if it matters I have a san disk meroey stick pro duo 4gb. And it wouldn't be a problem to update my software. Also will it be a one time thing or something I have to do much more times again like a ios tethered jailbreak.
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    If I were you, I would update to 6.60 and then use this:6.60LME-1.8 - Downloads - - PSP / PS Vita Forums. Once you get that installed, get back to me
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