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    Hey yall. looking for a little assistance, as this is NOT the first time i've moded a console, but i am new to modding PSPs. also, i searched different forums and threads for about 3 days before posting this, so i have looked on my own lol

    PSP Phat
    SN psp1001
    System Software 6.60 pro-c2

    loaded 6.6 using the eboot file, then used the PRO-C2 files, so im pretty sure that im on a CFW.

    i've tried 2 or 3 different ISOs/CSOs in the J:\ISO\VIDEO folder. but under Game (on the PSP home screen) right next to the PRO update and CIPL flasher, only one icon exists, and it just says "Corrupted Data"

    any suggestions?
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    you dont place iso's and cso's in ms0:/ISO/VIDEO

    you just place them in /iso

    oh, and you might encounter some problems with PRO-C:
    enter recovery, enter Advanced, and disable "Inferno & NP9660 use iso cache", for some games if this is enabled this wont work.
    And enable "force high memory layout" while your there to speed up your PSP (by a few milliseconds).

    and yes, you've installed PRO correctly as you mentioned.

    oh, and are you sure the ISO games your placing there are "clean", have you done any patching to them in the past?
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