Recently, I came across a PSP Go, and I softmodded it. I added CWCheat, then later I installed Megaman Legends 2. Here's the issue I'm having:

I activated some codes for it, two of them being "All Items" and "All Key Items". Everything was fine until I got to Nino Island. On Nino Island, you have to speak with the Digger Guildmaster and his assistant to activate a cutscene where some pirates invade the island. However, since I had those two codes (I say that because those two codes are suspect in what happened next) activated, the cutscene never activated. When I talk to the Guildmaster, he keeps saying that the ruins are now open, and the assistant keeps saying that he hates feeling defenceless.

My question is this: Did having those two mention codes activated have something to do with the cutscene not activating? I haven't played this game in a long time, so I don't remember if defeating the Birdbot pirates yielded a required quest reward, and since the game sees that I already have this item, the cutscene was rendered unnecessary and I am stuck. If this is the case, will I have to start over from scratch (new file)?