Recently installed Exult PSP, which a friend so courteously put into sleep mode for me.

After turning the PSP back on, some of my buttons don't work while on the XMB, all of them are disabled except for +-light and +-volume while playing a UMD, (though all buttons seems to work while playing the UMD from the MS), and emulators/psx games are stopping themselves upon boot.

So about the only thing I can do is limited emulators, and play ISO files from the memory stick at this point.


It's a PSP brite, 3g, running 6.60 LCFW and I think Formatting Flash1 will help. The problem is while on the XMB the Select button does not work, and there's no actual recovery menu with LCFW.

Is there anyway I can run a button fixer through an Eboot, or maybe some kind of Flasher for 3000's?

pspmod/forums/psp-news/75031-hellcats-recovery-flasher-1-70-a.html (can't post links yet, so just throw a .com at the end of pspmod)

Is there any hope for this still?