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    Hi, firstly just to say I am a complete novice, but usually good at following simple step by steps.

    Ok, I have purchased a PSP E1003 for my son.

    It was running OFW 6.60

    I installed CFW 6.60 Pro C-2

    I have tried to add a couple of different iso's but in the game folder on the XMB, it shows fast recovery and pro update along with a file that says corrupt data.

    When I first formatted the memory stick, it showed

    I downloaded the firmware and dragged PSP across and merged.
    I then ran the PROUPDATE followed by the FASTRECOVERY which appear to do what was expected.

    I am wanting to purchase and download games but dont seem able to get an ISO to show up as anything other than corrupt?

    Any assistance in lay-mans terms would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I have tried to read a lot of the READ THIS FIRST but in all honesty, the majority of it goes over my head.
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    Make sure that the ISOs are put into the \ISO folder in the root of the memory stick, not \PSP\ISO.
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