First off, let me apologize beforehand if this is some sort of newbish question; but google has failed me, and I've spent about three days on multiple forums trying to find some of the info I need, to no avail. It is entirely possible that I have made my searches far too specific, but my imagination is starting to fail me, and it's becoming harder to come up with new ways to scream at the computer to "fetch me thine datasheets, peasant!"

Anyway, what I have to ask is a rather technical question, so I wasn't entirely sure where to post it. What I wanted to know is, does anyone know what the physical connector, into which the wifi board for a TA-082/TA-081 logic board mates, is called? Like, what type of connector it is? Like I said, might be more of an electrical engineering question.

What I'm attempting to accomplish is a case mod, which necessitates turning the wifi board into a satellite appendage; achieved by making a custom flex cable which could socket into both the logic and wifi boards, and allow me to position the circuit wherever I please.

Lofty goals, I'm aware. But if anyone knows what that particular component is called, I would much appreciate it. Thanks in advance!