Hey, I know this has mostly been covered in forums before but I've been searching for hours and not managed to find a proper answer to it!

Basically I've been a PSP gamer since it came out and I'm used to playing the odd PS1 game on it; Crash Bandicoot 1 and Theme Park World (neither of which support analog sticks). I've been getting back into retro gaming lately and PS1 games, and since my old PSP's looking pretty tired I bought a nice new E1000 to play my PS1 games on.

Unfrotunately I have discoverd there is apparently no way to use the analog stick as an anlog stick when emulating PS1 games. I'm not interested in the right analog stick, just the left one, and I can only find an option to map it to the 8 directions on the D-pad (control scheme 4 or whatever it's called) which is not much use in Gran Turismo.

Is there any way to get proper analog support in PS1 games on a PSP? It was basically the main reason I've just gone out and spent 70 on a new E1000 and without proper analog in PS1 games it's pretty much useless for half the (mostly driving) games I wanted to play kind of feel like I've wasted my money as my old one still works!