Thread: PSP hacked, only able to store one ISO at a time.

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    I've recently bought and modded my first PSP. It's a 1003 and is currently running CFW, 6.60 PRO-C.

    ISOs work fine on the PSP now, but I can only have one on the memory stick at a time. The one I transfer first will appear fine on the memory card under Games but the others say Corrupted Data. They all work individually so I know the images are fine but when more than one is placed on there only the first works.

    Any ideas people?
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    you sure the isos are not just corrupted upon you extracting them or maybe you accidently got an accident thru the transfer.also make sure you dont have plugins on that may be corrupting could be many factors.since i dunno what all youve done on your psp i cant fully tell you
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