My system software is 6.60 Pro-C2
Kernel Version 0x06060010
Model: Slim(2000)
Module: 02g
Motherboard: TA-085 v2

I "installed" Popsloader v3 in attempt to use Psx Iso, after the transfer is complete it reads as "Corrupt Data" under GAMES tab.
Also, other games that I HAVE purchased through PSN(only Ps1 tittles) read an error code of "FFFFF". I've tried other games that I've purchased(Example: 3rd birthday) and those run fine.

I've done as much research as I could so now I am here.
Please help as I would like to learn more of the process and better understadning.

AND YES!!!! I've read guide, tutorials, FAQ's and nothing I've found has any subject matter related to my question