Hello. I'd like to install cfw to my psp. For obvious reasons, including being able to play games from my memory stick and modding those particular games. (Ex: Adding Custom Characters And/Or Stages)
I just bought a PSP 2001. Version 3.95

I already had a couple PSP games, but my old PSP 3000 was lost. Now I'd like to have these games on Memory Stick.
Saves on traveling space, a lot more convenient, and overall just better in my opinion.

I'm posting this thread beacause I want to go with the best option for this while doing it properly and being recoverable if failed.

I know of some of the custom firmware, but I haven't modded anything in years. I remember nothing. Any links to guide me specifically would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I want to be able to play games from my memory stick.
(Ex: Getting ISO from UMD)

What I Know(?):

I have to update the psp to the latest OFW

I need a PC

I need a Memory Stick

I need a USB Cable

If I'm wrong or I seem unsure about any of this, PLEASE, set my to the right path. I don't want to do anything wrong.