Hey, I am in need of much advice and assistance please. step by step simple instructions.

I have a PSP 2003 Slim, With Update 6.61 installed. I have then Installed Custom Firmware on it. So under game menu i have Pro PSP Firmware and Pro PSP Fast Recovery, which as I understand to play anything i have to select Pro PSP Firmware to play any ISO/CSO Files.

This is where my problems seem to start. I load PSP Firmware....Which Displays Pro-C by team Pro, Press X to launch CFW, Press Triangle to uninstall CFW Hold L to reinstall CFW Press R to Exit. I select X to launch CFWPSP Slim 2000 Detected...completed, press x to start CFW....Now Reboot which it does its self. I then go to Game/Memory Stick/Press X First box is Corrupted Data... I can see below is NHL 07...which if i hover over plays the game video etc, but If i select to load it....I just then stay on a Black screen...nothing loads i then have to crash out of the PSP.

Can someone help please? Am I missing something/Files/Not doing something write?

Very frustrated right now! Just wanna play NHL!