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    Thanks to El Guapo for the report.There have been reports of Bricks and Freezing.Use at your own risk.

    Source:The World

    Quote Originally Posted by Coldbird
    Too bad that I can't really say I've been a big part in this one...Yeah... my summer job ranks higher than PRO... sad but true. I hope I can get that one done fast...On the bright side however, my companion VF does a great job to maintain the code in my absence!As always, grab the new binaries from the Google Code Project Website!
    Read more to see the changelog.


    • [!]Vshctrl code refactored
    • [!]Disabled "Pause Game" on PSPGo while ISO cache is enabled due to incompatiblity
    • [!]Disable ISO cache by default on PSPGo
    • [!]Fixed potential lag while displaying ISO movies
    • [!]Added support for Popsloader in PRO
    • [+]Added Idol Master SP Genuine Check Bypass Code
    Well if I've noticed one thing it's that PRO has taken over.With hit after hit with their PRO series of (L)CFW things just keep getting better.As always great job to CB and VF.

    Direct Links from GCP

    6.20 PRO-B8

    6.35 PRO-B8

    6.39 PRO-B8

    On a little side note..damn I'm good...two in one day
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    In the words of DFS, go die.

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    I'm. Still on 620 prob6 perm lol guess I'll update my psp's and section 5 of gokus guide This weekend
    new members and old read thisvvvvvvvv
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    I've been reading about possible issues/bugs with this new version/s. I will report back as soon as I get a definitive answer.

    EDIT: I'm reading things saying that it has bricked a few 1000 and freezes/shutdown on 2000 and 3000. Please use at your own risk until I can verify the validity of these reports.

    As always, please disable or remove ALL plugins prior to updating just to be on the safe side
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