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    sorry guys i'm new and not really much up to speed on my psp yet

    i have notice a trend in peeps having update there psp to v2.0

    can i ask how do i do this?
    what are the advantages?
    should i stay v1.51 or go update to v2.0?

    i have an american PSP, v2.0, as they are not out in the uk till sept 1st



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    read the stickys _first, ask questions later.

  3. #3 Whos upgraded to Firmware 2.40 
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    Have you upgraded to the latest version of PSP firmware, version 3.40 ??

    If you have tell us about your experiences, What extras are there, did you have any problems??
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    no, i haven't

    (P.S. Look at the thread title)

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    Yes I have recently upgraded to 3.40. No problems.
    What is the benefit of upgrading? Is this mere a counter to the downgrades or do upgrades have added value?

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    so what dose this one have to offer?

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    Awesome downloading right now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by furyblaze View Post
    so what dose this one have to offer?
    This firmwares is basically nothing much just a expanded amout of playstion titles from the playstation store. if you have a PS3 then you can use saved data from both your psp and PS3. The most noticeable change is that that useless Certificate Utility is now gone.

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    I had a V 2.40 when I bought my PSP back in december. I only used it for music and pictures until a month ago I started looking into homebrew.... I decided that I was going to keep my orginal PSP up to date and all offical sony programs and just buy another one for homebrew and stuff like that... just in case it crashed or something. When i upgraded from a V2.40 to the V3.40 the only changes i noticed on my PSP was that it had a Camera option and visual players for music. I never upgraded to any of the other versions so i don't know if those were included or not... but yeah those are the changes I noticed from 2.40 to 3.40...

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    Sony must be in double digits with the number of firmware upgrades they've released for the PSP since its launch!!

    A shame other manufacturers can't be as prolific in updating / tweaking the functionality of their devices...
    Take Creative for example.. I personally have the lovely Zen Vision:M ipod 5 killer... yet it's had just 2 upgrades since it came out.. one of them to restore functionality that they stupidly removed in a previous firmware, because they were wimps towards the RIAA.. - only getting the balls to restore the radio record function after having it pointed out to them that the 'ability' to record radio is initself NOT illegal.
    But what about other audio / video formats or gapless playback or crossfading from 1 track to another? or txt etc etc...
    ALL these things are being SCREAMED at them from their loyal users wanting it - on a device that COULD do it if it was programmed to do so via firmware upgrades... yet they seemingly ignore them!!!

    Same with Canon... in the 3 years the Pro1 was out it received just ONE firmware upgrade!!!

    So whilst Sony might be accused of being overly 'fussy' with thier PSP, a round of applause should go out to them for not merely launching a product then forgetting about it..

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    I totally agree. I support Sony all the way for their continuous hard work and dedication to making the PSP and Playstation line one of the best in the world. PSP all the way!

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    me too.. i'm supporting the Sony too.. actually I dont bought any other brands of gaming consoles... I only have PS1, Slim Ps2 and a PSP. I'm still looking for a chubby PSP.. cause I'm collecting all Sony's gaming consoles

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    I mean a chubby PS2

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    johnny english
    I have 3.40 OE
    All ISO works fine
    Xmb Customization is all there

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    To evolve:
    where did you download the 3.40 OE??


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