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    Well I just successfully upgraded to 3.52 and its patch to 3.52 M33-2. I also installed the LE recovery. I even got my Black32 theme on 3.52 M33-2 and it looks even better. Everything went perfect during the setup.

    There are a few weird things I have noticed though and would like to know if anyone can fix these minor problems.

    1) The trademark logo (tm) looks weird now. The T and the M and now vertical. Why is this?

    2) My internet browser won't open. I've noticed this problem on 3.40 OE-A as well. It just happens sometimes and I have no idea how to fix it.

    Well can't think of anything now. I'll edit if I think of more.

    BTW, thanks for all the guides and great members this site has! It helped me tremendously throughout my PSP's short lifetime. Thanks guys. - Man's best friend. - Free shit. It works. Received $183.864 worth of prizes so far.
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    It should run everything fine from a fresh install.

    Once I had issues with my internet browser not working at all, but it was because i had a theme that was not working correctly yet in m33 3.55-2, only thing that fixed it was a fresh re-install.
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    I'm in the process of doing this. I'm coming from 3.40*LEv3 to 3.52 M33. I am using the recently released version of the PSP Upgrader/Downgrader. Before it writes to the flash it is loading and writing 1.50 and 3.52. This last step (Writing 3.52 firmware...) is talking a out of the ordinary long time. I stopped it the first time after about 10 min. This time its been going for about 8 so far. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm gonna stop it pretty soon and just use the regular M33 stuff from their website. Thanks for any insight into this.

    EDIT:Never mind. It worked after all. Just had to leave it for a bit longer. Wasn't used to the lengthy process.
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    This is probably a stupid question but what is a fresh install. My browser is not working. Does it mean restore to 1.50 firmware. How would you do this. i am already in 3.51. Cheers
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    About the 3.52 M33-2,we find a new bug.

    When you use the fireware's function about "Format F1",then you maybe cannot save the wallpaper,just because the "vsh" volume is gone when format F1.Now what you need to do is:Reset to the Recovery Mode,connect PC from the USB port,and create the "vsh" volume by youself.

    And today I get a new message about the new fireware of PSP,maybe publish next month,just repair the bug when play the BIO HAZARD DIRECTOR'S CUT(CAPCOM).So,then M33 team maybe release their new fireware,that's will be more good.
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