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    Ok I think I am finally ready to hack my PSP.

    I have a PSP with a 2.6 firmware and also a TA-082 Motherboard. According to drizzle these are the steps I should take so please let me know if I am missing something. Thank you

    #1. DL the 2.71 update and install 2.71
    This is the file I need to DL correct?
    PSP Downloads |

    2. Run the easy 2.71 TA-082 downgrader installer (this will put all the needed files in the right place).


    - Start the 2.71_TA-082_-_1.50.exe. Install the Files to the PSP)

    - Run HEN-D if you are not already running it.

    - Execute the idstoragechange. It needs 75% battery.
    It will change some keyes of your idstorage needed to downgrade the ta-082.

    - The program will exit to the XMB. Now execute the generic downgrade, which will show in the xmb
    as "Update X.YX" in the psp language.

    - The generic downgrader will also need 75% battery. IT will downgrade your psp to 1.50.

    - At the end, it will ask you to press X to restart the psp. Do it.

    - If all went fine, you'll receive a blue screen telling you to press O. Do it, and reenter your settings.
    Welcome to 1.50.

    3. Find the easy 3.40oe-a installer and install custom firmware (3.40oe-a).

    File Details-3.40-OE-A-PSP -

    These are the files that I need correct?
    1. 2_71_US_firmware_update.rar
    3. 13553_340_oea.rar

    Did I miss a step? Any further instruction I should know about?

    I just bought Metal Gear Portable Ops and Burnout Dominator but I can't play em since my FW is only 2.6. Will I be able to play these games once I am at 3.4oe-a?
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    Yes you have all the correct files and steps, but I would recommend going to 3.52M33 after words, imho.

    And yes your games will work after upgrading to custom firmware.
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