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    I would like to help people with difficulties like me, here this FAQ I extracted from QJ.FORUMS should help you people out there

    Q:Can this downgrade or unbrick any PSP?
    A:Yes, you can unbrick any currently available PSP. This can also be used as a downgrader on a non-bricked PSP.
    Q:do third party batteries work?
    A:Yes, according to Fanjita, he uses a Datel brand battery.
    Q:Can I restore my battery back to its normal state after this process?
    A:Yes, you can if you've backed up the contents of your battery's flash into a file on you memory stick; although, this defeats the purpose of having a battery ready for unbricking. That is why you are suggested a spare battery. Q:Freeplay has found some very cheap batteries here. Get them while they're still cheap.
    A:To revert a battery:
    Take out normal battery
    Power on PSP with AC adapter only
    Once XMB comes up, re-insert pandora battery
    Run "Pandora Battery Maker" and press L+R to restore the ms0:/eeprom.bin to your battery
    Q:Can the Memory Stick be reformatted and reused?
    A:Yes, however you will need to redo all of the steps in the "Preparations" section related to the memory stick for reuse as unbricker.
    Q:does unbricking work on TA-082 motherboards?
    A:It is known to work on all motherboard revisions. The reflasher will ask you to apply the patch. Press 'X' to do so.
    Q:The readme states that "The firmware in the Memory Stick is not a full 1.50 but a minimal subset."; what's that all about?
    A:It simply means that the PSP will not act as a "complete" 1.5 PSP until you place your normal battery back in and restart.
    Q:Minimal subset? Can I install custom firmware?
    A:As stated above, replace your normal battery and restart the PSP so that you've loaded the full 1.5 firmware from flash0 into memory; then you can do as you see fit.
    Q:The readme states that "The IDStorage cannot be totally restored, as there is no known way to regenerate it properly."
    A:They're talking about if you bricked due to a corrupted idstorage. If nothing bad has ever happened to your idstorage, you can safely ignore this note.
    Q:Will this work on PSP slim?
    A:There is speculation about this, At the moment, no one knows but we will specify here when possible.
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    vinalog's Psp firmware history

    Psp black :2.71>2.81>3.03oe-c>1.5>3.40oe-a>1.5>3.51m33|STUCK (Gimme help if possible to 3.52m33)

    Psp metallic blue :3.40>3.50>1.5>3.51m33

    Psp slim pink :3.60>3.60m33>3.71m33
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    Fix the one question where you got a smiley for putting a ":" next to a "D".
    Good faq for the million noobs that ask those questions every day.
    Very funny....not.
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    Good, but most of this has been posted and is in the readme, and this does work on the slim but not for unbricking, just for installing 3.60M33, soon there will be a slim unbricker released however.
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    good Might look easier to read if the put a gap in between each question?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canada2113 View Post
    Fix the one question where you got a smiley for putting a ":" next to a "D".
    Good faq for the million noobs that ask those questions every day.
    lol, yeah, now only if we can get them to read em.
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    The Pandora instructions are lack of details, I had trouble at first when running the Mspformat.exe, found out that this does not work well in Windows Vista Ultimate or any Vista. Secondly Mspformat will not work if you have any windows or autoplay screen that is accessing the Memory stick in XP. Close them all down except the cmd DOS screen and note what drive of the PSP is assigned as then use the mspformat works just fine. The second part of the confusion seemed to be after the running the installer via PSP to create the "msipl.bin" file you have to connect your ms via PSP USB to create the boot sector on the MS. The way I have done it is to copy the msipl.bin file to a location where the msinst.exe resides and point to where the PSP drive letter to the MS, you can verify that it does somethng to the MS by looking at the MS light on your PSP. After I did all the research on this forum this is what I learned to make the Jig stick and battery to work correctly. I had to do this over half a dozen of time due to confision in the original instructions. Anyhow this forum have been helping me alot, the people in here are not rude and self fish as in other forums.

    Cheers to those who made this possible.
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