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    When you downgrade ur psp to 1.50, can u still buy the new games that comes out and play it just fine? Cuz i mention it to a friend that i was planning to downgrade mine, and he said that the psp disk/game has the upgrade firmware on it.
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    Right, most the newer game required newer firmware and you can't stay at 1.5 if you want to play all the newer games.
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    Its called Custom Firmware
    All the advantages of having 1.50 and 3.xx firmware.
    Right now 3.52 m33-4 and 3.71 m33-3 are very good and have no known bugs.

    Try this tut I made,

    352 M33 files
    1.50 Eboot
    3.52 Eboot

    Put the PSP folder in the root of your memory stick.
    take the 1.50 eboot and 3.52 eboot and rename them to
    150.pbp and 352.pbp and put them in PSP/GAME/M33CREATOR/
    along with the eboot.

    Now go to your XMB, go to GAME and run the kxploitpatcher
    When thats done run the M33 CREATOR
    Finily run the M33UPDATE

    And you are now at 3.52m33

    Here is a link to the fourth update
    Put it in PSP/GAME/ and run it.

    Now to get to 3.71 m33
    delete the old files from your GAME folder from the 3.52 install
    Download :
    3.71 m33 files
    PSP 3.71 Firmware Update

    Rename the 3.71 Eboot to 371.pbp and put it in the update folder
    Place the update folder in PSP/GAME/ run it and your now at 3.71 M33

    Here is the v.2 1.50 kernal add on
    File Details-1.50-kernel-addon-2-(Dark-AleX)-PSP -
    Delete the old UPDATE folder and place this one in PSP/GAME/
    Use the 1.50 Eboot from the 3.52 creator and put it in the root of your Memory stick
    And run the update.(make sure the 1.50 Eboot is named 150.pbp)

    Now download this, the third update.
    File Details-CFW-3.71-M33-3- -PopsLoader-PSP-Homebrew-Applications -
    delete the old UPDATE folder and place this one in PSP/GAME/
    Run it and you bow have 3.71 m33-3
    GOOGLE is your friend, use it
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