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    I just bought a PSP. It has v2.71 firmware. I see a lot of different things about updating, backdating, changing and modding firmware. I know that not all of them do the same thing, so what I'd like to do is to tell you what I want to be able to do and have you tell me what I need to do with my PSP.

    Id like to be able to run NES and SNES emulators. Maybe PS1 games too?
    to play games from the memory card
    to play movies from the memory card
    to browse the net
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    Luckily you don't need a game / pandora's battery to downgrade.

    You need to find out what motherboard you have, look at this thread.

    Then once you find it, look here and scroll down until you see the 2.71 downgrader for your motherboard.
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    google "downgrade 2.71 psp"
    Theres a bunch of guides out there because 2.71 is really easy. What you want to do is get down to 1.50 because then everything is possible. Then you'll upgrade from 1.50 to one of the m33 firmwares which allows you to run homebrew like emulators but gives you the good parts of sony's upgrades. 3.80m33 is the newest and runs psx games very well. Idk about nes emulation on it though. 3.71m33 has good psx support and great emulator support.Most homebrew is written for the 1.50 kernel, but i dont think 3.80m33 has the 1.50 kernel in it. 3.71m33 has a 1.50 add-on that gives it full homebrew capabilities.
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    3.80M33 has the 1.50 addon kernel, just like 3.71M33.

    So it has just as good, if not better homebrew support.

    But yes, 2.71 is fairly simple, once you get HEN-D running that is
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