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    hi all, i've gotten my psp slim recently and very happy thus far.
    running on 3.80 m33.

    i'm searching for one answer but couldn't find after 2 hours of browsing.
    how do i run those sexy Japanese games on video format?
    i've downloaded a game called Nugase something, but can't seems to make it run.

    much appreciate any pointers.
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    if you downloaded a game that is for sale you are a pirate and cannot talk about this on these forums. If not, i.e if it is homebrew, tell us what the format is on it, iso,cso or mpeg
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    It is an official release that must be purchased. Sorry, we can't help you.
    Gone fishing for about 3 years... what's new?
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    oh, ok... in that case...

    how do i run .iso video format with 3.80? how do i utilise the Video folder found in ISO folder?

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