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    I have a new PSP. I want to transfer my DVD movies and videos on my computer to my PSP. A friend tell me that what I first need to do is converting video movie to PSP .mp4 file. And he also recommends me a super PSP movie converter named Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite( PSP Video Converter Suite, PSP Video Converter, DVD To PSP Converter.
    I try it and then love it very much. It is so easy to use, fast in speed and perfect in quality. I write a guide and hope that it will be helpful for you.

    Introduction of Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite:
    Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite is an all-in-one PSP video Conversion solution. This Suite includes 3 softwares -- " Cucusoft PSP Video Converter ", " Cucusoft DVD to PSP Converter "(DVD Ripper Included) and Cucusoft PSP Video Manager . So with this PSP Video Converter Suite, you can convert both DVD media and video file media to PSP video/PSP movie. You can enjoy your favorite DVD and video clip on your PSP as a portable DVD Player.
    It support convert DVD to PSP directly.
    Some other software need two steps: 1. convert DVD to avi; 2. convert output avi to PSP. That solution wastes lots of your time. The Cucusoft need only one step, direct convert video DVD to PSP. So the conversion speed is far faster than others.

    Step by step guide:
    The guide includes two parts:
    Part1. How to rip DVD and convert MOV/AVI/WMV/ASF/Divx/Xvid/MPEG/RM to PSP MP4 video.
    Part2. How to upload/transfer PSP files to your PlayStation Portable (PSP).

    Part1. How to rip DVD and convert MOV/AVI/WMV/ASF/Divx/Xvid/MPEG/RM to PSP MP4 video.
    1. Download the latest version Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite at here for free and install it. Run Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite. If you want to rip DVD movie to PSP MP4 Video, press the first button to open "DVD to PSP Converter". Then click the "Open DVD" button to load your DVD files and click start to rip your DVD to MP4 video.

    2. Click "Open file" to import your video files which you want to convert to PSP video.

    3. Modify your output file settings.On "Audio/Video Output Settings" panel you can chose output format for you files such as H.264 Movie (.mp4), PSP - PSP MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4), MP3 Audio (.mp3).

    Note: If you cannot find "Audio/Video Output Settings" press "Profile" button. And you can change some Audio/Video Options and save to a new output format.

    4. Click "Output" button to chose where you want to put your converted PSP files.

    5. Click "Convert" button to convert your video files to PSP format.

    6. After conversion, there will be a Dialog window. You can choose "Open output folder to check the output file(s)" to go to the output folder or "launch PSP Video Manager to upload output file(s) to your PSP device" to go to the PSP Video Manager.

    Part 2: How to transfer video to PlayStation Portable (PSP)

    1. When the converting finished, this "Conversion Done" window will pop up. If you want to upload the output file to PSP right now, please choose the second option. The program will load the Cucusoft PSP Manager automaticlly. If you choose the first option, you can upload the file by lunching the Cucusoft PSP Manager Program.

    2. Please make sure:
    A) Your PSP/Memeory Stick is connected to your PC.
    B) The PSP is power on.
    C) The PSP is in USB mode.

    3. After your PSP connected to pc, you will see the following image. Or you can run Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite, and click the third button on the main window to go PSP Video Manager.

    4. Choose the video you converted, click the "upload to psp" button. The file will be transferred to psp. Well done.

    Is it very easy? Hope it helps!
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    i use ImTOO PSP Video Converter 3 and it's very good too
    u can get it from here:PSP Pirates Download psp games and movies for free - Torrents
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    I'm using Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite, it is very fast, easy and cool. Thank you.
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    stop double posting please!
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    Good software, easy to use. I'm using the Cucusoft PSP Video Converter Suite too, it's very fast and wonderful.
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    Notice that the 3 users posting about 1 software all sound like machines, and have few posts? O.O

    Anyways, I used to use PSPVideo9. Anyone have problems with this? I always got the audio recording a little bit fast, to where the audio would be 30 seconds behind, or ahead, an hour into a video. Very annoying when you're trying to watch George Carlin for the 700th time.
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