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    I downloaded a driver for my windows98 because it wouldnt recognize the psp at all, or anything else modern in that case, so i dled the driver and i have no idea where to go from there, i went to setup.exe, but after that im lost. anyhelp would be appreciated.
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    Well if you got the driver from here then here is what I did,

    1. I extracted the folders to somewhere I could find easily in my case I saved them in My documents, then created a folder named psp driver and then I put the driver in there.

    2.Then I got my psp and usb cable and plugged them into the computer, and then a window popped up, It should say somethin like a new device has been plugged in, oh if this window doesnt't pop up then switch the usb cord and plug it into the other socket, there is normally 2 usb sockets.

    3.Next I choose select driver or browse and went to the folder I extracted them in, and then clicked install driver. It should find it, well it should If you got it where I did.

    4.Then if it installed correctly go to my computer while the psp is in usb mode, you should see something called
    Removable Disk (letter A-Z) < that means that it could look anything like this "Removable Disk H" "Removable Disk I"
    just like any letter.

    5. Click on that and and there you go

    6.BTW the driver listed above is valid it may cost $5.00 dollars but thats not much.

    7.That will be $20.00 per link so now you better have $25.00 you can spare.
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