Thread: 3.71 m33-4 If i buy a new game will it make me update?

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    I just modded my friends, little brothers psp, he is 10 and I hooked him up with some good stuff...

    My question is, if he gets a new game for xmas and he puts it into his psp, will it make him automatically update? This in on a slim...

    I could update him to 5.00 cfw, but i dont want to deal with the fast memory card hack, and the hastle of compatibility with a new cfw.

    so if he gets a new game, will he be forced to update? if so how can we get around this?
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    He won't be forced to update.

    The PSP will tell him he is not at a high enough firmware, and recommend he updates.

    It's not much of a hassle updating to 5.00m33-3, I can even upload the ready to use firmware update and my self-written readme too.

    Just say the word and it will be on sendspace momentarily.
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    just update to 5.00m33-3 if you get a new game that requires it why get a new game? seriously all the good games for psp are like from 2006 and require 2.00-3.xx FW

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