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    i recently got a 4 gig magic stick with a tool battery, and i installed it properly but got a little impatient while waiting to put an iso file on it so i decided to try put some emulators on it, they came up as corrupt files in the game menu, so i thought if i tried put the tool battery back in and re install the 4.01 m33 file it would reset everything to before i put the emulators on, but the battery fell out for a split second, and then when i tried to install the 4.01 firmware back in it stopped at 38% and then had som weid error code pop up, so i tried my regular battery again and my psp was bricked, so no i can only use the tool battery to get to the recovery menu and the firmware install screen, but i must had dont something else cause now anytime i try to load the 4.01 m33 there is only a error updating modules message that pops up. Anyone know what i could do to let me re install my firmware with the tool battery? and is it possible to change settings in either menu that would screw the battery up? any input on this would be appreciated, thanks.
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