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    Hey, I have been a member here for quite some time now..

    <---- As you can see by the date joined over here I think lol

    Anyway, I sold my psp a long long time ago and only today for some reason decided to get back into all of this

    My firmware was 3.52 m33-4 I think..

    Not sure what's been happening since then or even what psp's are currently around.

    From looking in some shops there seem to be 3 main types - the old fat type (the one I had and sold, I got CFW on by using lumines and also flashing at some point) psp 1000/2000 (?) which is the psp slim and lite (?) and psp 3000 which is an even slimmer version of the slim and lite (?)

    What do you need to go about putting CFW on all of these, and which is the best option to buy these days? I'm not sure if the 2000 and 3000 can have CFW or what you would need to do it.

    I have enough £££ to get either type of the 3, but I will most likely go with which ever one is the easiest to get CFW onto as that's my main reason for buying another one again really.

    If it helps at all, I have a fat (old psp) type battery and a 128mb memory stick - I think I kept because it had been turned into a jigkick battery so I could use it again one day (like now )

    Would it be as easy as putting the jigkick battery straight into a psp 3000 and resetting the firmware? or is more involved these days.

    Sorry for the looooong question, but it would help if anyone could help me - thanks
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    4 now there is no option to downgrade 3000 darkAlex is working still. U need at least 512 ms to downgrade 2000
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    So far I have managed to pick up a pre-owned psp 2000 slim and lite, with the date code 8B, running firmware 3.95.

    Did a lot of looking around and think this type can run CFW (not the V3 motherboard)

    Just waiting for a pandora and mms now
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    if its less then 4.0 ofw, you can downgrade to cfw, so yea you can get cfw on that slim.
    "If you want to buy something on ebay just send me your money and ill ship you whatever broken or defective shit I got laying around my house"
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