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    After months and months of struggling I have finally risen above and installed CFW onto my psp! Im using a PSP-2001 GoW Kratos red slim, and after going through many different Youtube tutorials I have loaded 5.00 M33-4. I also had my nickname changed to Klutsh's PSP so that must be the maker of the CFW.

    Anyway I'd like to know what is currently the best CFW to install on my psp to use mods, homebrew apps, etc. which I'd also like to know how to get onto my psp.
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    haa...i was wondering the exact same thing a moment ago! ...well i dont know...just wait for some replies...and reply fast
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    the best at the momment is 5.00m33-6 i belive unless 5.5 has come out in the last week
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    go to your recovery, start your psp and hold R, then to configuration make sure m33 update is on, then go to your main psp menu go all the way left then up and update through wifi.

    Homebrew/PS1 Games/Programs goes on your memory stick in PSP>GAME>Foldername>Homebrewfiles.eboot(or similar)

    ISO's and CSO's go in the ISO folder in the root of your memory stick.
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