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    Anyone else wishing it was in english already? It is one game I would honestly go to OFW for (because I have 3 psp's haha). It's so updated and online play out of the box without a ps3 makes me drool. On a side note call me crazy but i prefer psp over monster hunter and I've played both for at least a couple hundred hours.

    edit: whoops, can mod move this to psp games general?
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    This is an old thread but I got a PS3 I do not know if fake USB will work to get MHFU or PSP2 to get online.... probably would. Anyways, yeah I hope PSP2 doesn't blow... the entire format of the first one was horrible.
    i am an idiot.

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    for once i agree with smoke on something. PSuP just blew.
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