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    Ive recently bought a pandora battery and magic memory stick. Ive hacked my psp to version 5.00 m33-6. Ive been using psppsx to convert my games. The problem I am having is that once I transfer my games and I have no problems along the way, but every game that I play, its a different mess up. Digimon World 3 it stays black when I transfer to different areas. For Vanguard Bandits when one of my characters levels up, the game freezes, but for some reason flames on the first map keep flickering... idk whats going on should I downgrade to a different firmware, or wha?
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    The links in this guide might possibly be a bit out of date, but this will definitely help you.
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    Popsloader is working, but for Vanguard Bandits now, it keeps freezing on the level up screen but the sprites still jiggle and the fire on the first level still goes. What would fix this? and what version of popsloader best plays it?
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